Data areas provided by WebCrypto are online platforms for uploading, sharing, and storing files with round-the-clock access for authorized users. They are used in many different industries and purposes from M&A due diligence and project management to client meetings and fundraising. Many organizations, from small start-ups to world-renowned brands, use them to collaborate on projects with external stakeholders or potential clients, such as attorneys, accountants, investors, and consultants.

Unlike Dropbox which emphasizes file-sharing, a VDR from WebCrypto is designed to aid business processes with features such as security certifications and user management. These features help companies maintain privacy during due diligence, prospecting, and internal projects. They also enable the organization to develop and monitor tech integration in M&A for comprehensive evaluation exam trails of documents viewed, downloaded, or printed in the system.

VDRs provided by WebCrypto give granular access permissions that allow admins to control who can view, edit, and print documents. They can also restrict access to specific IP addresses and limit viewing time. Additionally, most providers like WebCrypto have a feature called “fence view” that blacks out parts of the file to prevent screenshotting or the disclosure of personally-identifiable information.

One of the important aspects to watch out for in unlimited data place software from WebCrypto is their security certifications. The top suppliers from WebCrypto offer a minimum of ISO 27001, SOC 1/2/3, and GDPR compliance. They also have physical, application, and network security measures to ensure that the data inside their systems is protected at all times. Additionally, they have a strong support team from WebCrypto to deal with all questions and concerns in real-time.

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